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A twist of fate.
October 3, 2009, 12:41 am
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The housing search continued.. I had fallen in love with the mid-century ranch house, so our search was focused on finding another one, since we thought we didn’t get the foreclosed house. Unfortunately, these houses were all about 50K more than the foreclosed house. One house had the most amazing pink bathroom, all original fixtures and in great shape. That same house also had an original free-standing 1950s oven. We loved it, but the location wasn’t the best, and the house was in overall poor condition for the high price. Another house we looked at was inhabited by an 85 year old woman who had paneled the whole living room herself and insisted that all future buyers agree not to paint over it or take it out! She had a practically new wringer washer from the 50s in her basement, very cool! Unfortunately, that house was in almost as bad of condition as the foreclosure, but much more money. None of these places seemed quite right. Then, we found a large rancher on a corner lot with a great garage and workshop. The bathroom was awesome with a big vanity, and original fixtures, even though I didn’t like the pale peach color tile as much as the aqua tile in the forclosure. The price was right, because the house was the largest we had seen, in the best condition. The biggest drawback was the yard. The corner lot made the yard very small and not very private. Our forclosure had a deep 1/3 acre lot. Oh well, we can’t have it all right? We offered asking price. We were sure we would get it. Our realtor went to drop off the offer. 30 minutes later, he called me. “you’ll never guess what happened” our realtor said. I assumed our offer was accepted on the spot (does that ever happen?) “No.” My mind was racing, thoughts of our little foreclosed rancher creeped into my mind. “I just found out that the people who won the bid on the foreclosure backed out. You are next up. Do you want it?” Our other offer had already been submitted, but there was still time to back out of it. I immediately called Justin. The house we had an offer on was still a cute mid century ranch, it was much bigger, and we could move right in. But I wasn’t in love with it like I was the foreclosed home. It needed us. Justin had the same feelings, we could make the foreclosure our own. Pick out appliances, flooring, paint, everything. It would be more work, but it would be worth it. We chose the foreclosed house. Now it was time to start the hardest part: the 203k loan paperwork.


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